Caitlin (my little snow fairy!)

Okay, so sometimes it takes a crazy duo (in this case, myself, and Caitlin) to make fun shoots happen! Sure, it was FREEZING and snowy, but  how gorgeous and ethereal does she look in that dress and flower crown?!  I mean, you can't even tell by looking at her that frostbite was about to set in any second, AM I RIGHT?! Seriously, Caitlin was a HUGE trooper, and I wish we could have gotten some of the bloopers on camera. There were some pretty amazing ones! Also, we learned a great tip from this shoot. Never, for even a second, assume that the snow "isn't that deep" when you're roaming aimlessly through the woods. Do yourself a favor and take a shovel or a stick with you and test it before stepping in it with a dress, boots, and no tights. Trust me on this one. Actually, trust Caitlin. Thigh high snow can be quite deceiving! Thanks for being so "chill" about it, Caitlin! Sorry, I had to. You know me and my undying love of puns. Anyway, I love the blush pink shade of the dress against the snow and the gorgeous green trees. I promise the next shoot will be somewhere warm!! :)