Love Wins!


I know I don't blog a lot (it's something I keep vowing to change, but that's another story), but this week has been so monumental and full of emotions that I needed to write about it. I am so beyond proud of this week's SCOTUS victory..of AMERICA'S victory...LBGT victory..OUR victory. 

I am enamored with love. I LOVE love. As a wedding photographer I feel incredibly honored that couples grant me the gift of documenting their love filled engagements, weddings, elopements, and virtually every step of their love journeys. To be allowed to peer into their intimate windows of love, friendship, and romance, while capturing every moment of their unique love story, is simply magical, and I love every single minute of it. Love is love. Period. End of story. My heart is so full this week, and it's bursting at the seams. Everyone deserves happiness, and every.single.benefit that exists to every other married couple, and finally that right exists. Love has no boundaries. Love is Love. And Love WINS!

Sadly, however, life can't be all rainbows and puppies. As big of a win as this victory is, there are still certain counties that, despite the law, are still refusing to offer marriage licenses to same sex couples. Yes, despite the LAW. Now, while I won't disrespect anyone for their personal beliefs, I do believe that when you have a duty to perform a public job that you *signed up for*, such as issuing marriage licenses, you are then required to do that job. It's a simple concept. Don't feel comfortable with it? No problem. There are plenty new jobs out there for you. Like I said, I won't disrespect you for your personal beliefs. However, if you feel the need to discriminate against same sex couples by not providing them with the service that you *GET PAID* to issue them, then I'm afraid that job no longer suits you. Sadly, it seems that every step forward in our country often results in two steps back. Now we have yet another hurdle for same sex couples. That's what I want to change. I want to make things EASIER, not harder for same sex couples.

I would be absolutely honored to gift my wedding photography services to a same sex couple getting married in 2016. I don't care which state it is. You just have to be madly in love with each other. Send me the details of the wedding. Send me a bio of the two of you, and a little bit about yourself, your wedding, and something that makes you happy. One couple will receive a complimentary wedding photography package (doesn't matter how big/small your wedding is, or what state you're from). I only ask that you pay my travel cost. I just want to shoot your wedding and be a part of your love story. That's all. I would be SO honored. <3